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Ceremonial Cacao is the Medicine of the Heart. It opens a direct path between your whole being and this unique energetical center that is your Heart. Contrary to psychoactive plants, it brings you the necessary grounding to integrate consciously all the teachings of our Guides and our Heart, allowing a much permanent change to take place. With Ceremonial Cacao as a partner, you remain fully conscious and responsible for your healing process.

Thanks to the subtle balance of its natural compounds, Ceremonial Cacao allows you to hold a unique and profound focus on all levels of consciousness. This multidimensional focus lasts at least 4-5 hours, thus allowing you to work on your patterns, fears, emotions, etc. in depth and with less emotional and mental exhaustion. Finally, it allows you to approach with fluidity and openness your shadow and density work, brining you closer to your Authenticity.

Taking part in a Cacao Ceremony facilitated with Ceremonial Cacao (and not with organic cacao found in health food stores) is a chance to open up to a unique partneship with a warm and cooperating medicine. Cacao opens the door for you and offers to take you by the hand and walk with you. You can therefore walk safely down the depth of your Unconscious at your own rhythm, with confidence and warmth.


Memory, motivation


Stress and anxiety management


Well-being, focus


Focus, depression management


Joy, contentement

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