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In'Static Dance

Conscious Cacao Flow

In'static Dance - Conscious Cacao Flow was a monthly free and conscious dance space, accompanied by Ceremonial Cacao, inviting us to follow the rhythm of the music to follow the current of our emotions and return to the Source of our being. The concept was invented by Jessica in Belgium, in partnership with Elie Ô, musician and producer, creator of the concept "Soulful Music". His sound journeys, real acoustico-electronic auditory experiences, sensitive and conscious, were created live in connection with the energy of the group. Each month, a theme, an emotion, an intention was visited and invited us to embody through movement acceptance, grounding, and the liberations and inner changes that we are going through or wish to manifest. Jessica's punctual guidance weaved a thread around which each participant was be free to evolve at their own pace and according to their own needs.


In'static Dance - Conscious Cacao Flow offers a space to refocus on ourselves and our inner worlds, and to dance them. Deeply reconnecting us with our creative and healing potential.

Following my move to Corsica in the Fall 2019, the concept has slightly evolved and the desire to dance with Ceremonial Cacao is still strong. For now, the group Ecstatic Dance Corsica has been created and offers a space for free and conscious dancing.

The workshops will be accompanied by Keith's Cacao Ceremonial Cacao, coming directly from Guatemala. Due to the subtle balance of its natural compounds and energy, Ceremonial Cacao helps to silence all the mechanisms that disconnect us from our consciousness and block our free expression. We thus descend with kindness into the depths of our vulnerability, into our being, into our unconscious, to give shape, through dance, to the inner movements that animate us.

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