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Ceremonial Cacao at home

Not every Cacao is Ceremonial.

Ceremonial Cacao is Cacao that has been entirely harvested and transformed by hand (which excludes any cacao found at the supermarket, even organic) and which has been chosen especially for its energetic and spiritual qualities.

I only work with Keith's Ceremonial Cacao, my mentor. This Cacao is imported directly from Guatemala and is the one with which I did my apprenticeship in Guatemala. It comes from Criollo beans (the oldest cacao variety) that have been transformed in the village itself by a community of Kaqchikel women who sort and roast them by hand, before turning them into paste. The process is finalized by bagging the paste (without adding or removing anything, unlike 100% dark chocolate) and is done by my mentor and some members of the community (which I had the honor to be part of) in order to infuse the last intentions before use during ceremonies.

Keith's Cacao is the purest and most potent Cacao on the market. Working with Keith's Cacao is giving yourself the opportunity to open your Heart, focus your Spirit and increase the vibration of your whole being to discover your own magic! This Cacao has unique healing and heart opening properties and is the perfect partner for meditation, dance, writing, music, singing, painting, yoga, shamanism and more. It is also ideal in your work environment and your everyday life to bring greater creativity and improve your presence, concentration, productivity, clarity.

By purchasing your Ceremonial Cacao through the MarAdentro website, you are sure to receive genuine pure Ceremonial Cacao, chosen directly by the Cacao Shaman and coming directly from Guatemala. Plus, you receive a discount and support my work!

Isn't this amazing?!

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