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Influenced from an early age by the rhythms and the warmth of the African sceneries that nurtured me growing up, I was always profoundly convinced of the existence of a rich and invisible world, defying all physical reality but profoundly anchored in human warmth.

Growing up with a pilot-father, my Wanderlust and curiosity soon led me to experience other cultures (Europe, USA, Chile, Indonesia, Nepal,
Guatemala) and transformational experiences within the spiritual arts, such as shamanism, sound and movement therapies, Vipassana, energy healing, astrology, Jungian psychology, etc.

I was called by the Cacao Spirit in 2015 and so began a long and lasting journey. I spent several months in Guatemala assisting the “Chocolate Shaman”, Keith Wilson, to fully understand the healing powers of this unique plant, birthing my mission for everyone to meet this profoundly wise, loving and caring plant-medicine that reconnects us with our own Heart, Truth and Magic !

With Ceremonial Cacao and jungian psychoanalysis, I open my eyes with gentleness to the depth of my being, my patterns, traumas, shadows and all the polarities within which I exist. Since then, I have been working on awareness and acceptance of all these parts of my unconscious, in close relationship with my Heart. I grow up.

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