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In'Joy Cacao Facilitator Training

Calling all yoga teacher, sound healers, therapists, facilitators, musicians, seekers and explorers, massage therapists,…

Have you ever experienced the beautiful heart opening properties of Ceremonial Cacao?

Do you feel called to take part in the evolution of the Collective Consciousness and the creation of a new World deeply grounded in the Heart, but are not sure what you can offer?


Do you know how Ceremonial Cacao can bring your own offerings and business to a higher vibration?

The In’Joy Cacao residential training is a sacred space to meet the Cacao Spirit, the Medicine of the Heart, gentle yet powerful, also knows as “The Food of the Gods”.


For four days, you will be immersed in a direct connection with the Cacao Spirit to explore and built your relationship with Her. This collaborative work with Cacao will open the possibility to dissolve blockages, fears, patterns keeping you away from your unique Essence, and will make space for your Heart to express itself. She will guide you and allow you to contact the Magic that resides within you, and share it with mankind and take part in the Awakening of Consciousness.

"A unique space for transformation!"

In this 4-day immersive training you will :

  • receive the background and practical information needed to hold space with this medicine
    e.g.: what is Ceremonial Cacao and how does it differ from other types, the process of how cacao is made, precautions to be aware of when sharing with groups, preparing cacao;

  • experience the different ways to play with Ceremonial Cacao;

  • explore creative ways to bring it into your own practice;

  • develop tools and techniques to hold a safe space for group work;

  • anchor your intentions as a facilitator;

  • gain the confidence needed to hold space with Cacao.

The In’Joy Cacao training is an experiential training with lots of space to play, meet the Cacao Spirit, develop your unique relationship with Her, and allow Her to guide you into your Heart, connecting you to your unique gifts as a facilitator.

I have been working with Cacao for many years under the guidance of Keith Wilson (The Chocolate Shaman, initiator of the resurgence of Cacao in the world) in Guatemala. Cacao has become my privileged partner and I offer spaces to meet this incredible Heart Medicine in Belgium, France and all around the world. My deepest wish is to reconnect ourselves to our Authenticity and Vulnerability to move forward in life with more confidence. I am an accredited practitioner with Keith's Cacao and am part of a team of trainers who work closely with Keith to return 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao to the world.

The next In'Joy Cacao Facilitator Training will take place on November 12-15, 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

PRICE (excl. VAT and for individuals)

  • Early Bird: 620€ 

(for first 5 registrations with down payment made before April 23)

  • Full price: 750€

Registration by email:


The training includes :

  • all organic and vegetarian meals

  • shared accommodation for 3 nights

  • pre-training discussion to get to know each other

  • transmission and support during the 4 days

  • Ceremonial Cacao for the whole training

  • 1 block of Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao to take home with you and deepen your relationship with her and/or start sharing with groups

  • course materials

  • In’Joy Cacao certificate

  • ongoing email support for one month after the training

  • group check-in call one month after the training.

The training does NOT include:

  • transport to/from the venue.

Je travaille avec le Cacao depuis 2015 sous la direction de Keith Wilson (Le Chaman du Chocolat, initiateur de la résurgence du Cacao dans le monde). Le Cacao est devenu ma partenaire privilégiée et je propose des espaces de rencontre avec cette incroyable Médecine du Coeur et des Cérémonies du Cacao en Corse, Belgique et à travers l'Europe. Mon souhait le plus grand est de nous reconnecter avec notre Authenticité et notre Vulnérabilité pour avancer dans la Vie avec plus de confiance.


Je suis facilitatrice en Cérémonies du Cacao accréditée auprès de Keith's Cacao et ai fait partie des premiers facilitateurs à avoir développé la formation en ligne aux Cérémonies du Cacao au côté de Keith. Depuis, je continue les recherches autour du Cacao d’un point de vue scientifique, nutritionnel, anthropologique,...


En 2019, la formation In’Joy Cacao a été la première formation francophone à initier et former des facilitateurs à la Médecine du Cacao. Mon cheminement personnel et les formations que je suis (constellations familiales, IFS, Somatic Experiencing) viennent enrichir le parcours In’Joy et ma supervision auprès d’un psychanalyste assure l’ancrage de mes accompagnements dans la réalité humaine.

MarAdentro_Cérémonie_Cacao_Formation_In'Joy_Watermark (199).jpg
" (...) elle m'a vraiment aidée à ouvrir mon esprit à de nouvelles idées, à de nouvelles possibilités et à gagner en confiance pour accompagner les autres (...)"


The first edition of the In'Joy Cacao Facilitator Training took place from August 30 to September 1st, 2019 at Terre d'Eveil in Brussels, Belgium. Seven professionals coming for all over Europe gathered for 3 days to open their Hearts and discover Ceremonial Cacao and how to share it with their clients.


To find a Cacao Facilitator in your area, check out my 'Inspirations'.

Here are a few pictures of this 3-day immersion:

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