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Observe, Embrace, Transform



Daughter of the Moon and the Wind, I follow the Path of the Heart and offer an open and warm space to share the tools that allow me daily to come back to the heart of my Human nature and create a relationship of Trust between my Mind and my Heart to fully embody my Humanity.

Come and meet your Inner Sea ("mar adentro" in Spanish) and observe all its tides, its dimensions, its depth, its nuances to fully accept and transform them. This alchemical process of awakening to your Consciousness, deeply grounded in your human nature, invites you to take your own Path in your own hands, at your own rhythm, under your own modalities


« There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen! »

- Rumi

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

A Cacao Ceremony is an intimate space in which we share the sacred
medicine of Cacao, the Food of the Gods, in order to enter an
internal dialogue and listen to the wisdom of our Heart.
By entering a partnership with the Cacao spirit, we open ourselves to
the possibility of dissolving blockages, therefore leaving space for our
Heart and our profound Essence to express themselves. A unique
transformational space is created and the Path of the Heart opens up.

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